Trail Walker's Guide to the Dinosaur Ridge, Red Rocks, and Green Mountain Area

Published 1999

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Editors: Harald Drewes and John Townrow

About: During the last four decades we've enjoyed many aspects of the natural setting of Greater Denver, particularly it's ever growing number of public parks and their hiking trails. After rewarding careers in geology and botany/biology, we both have great pleasure in sharing our enthusiasm for these subjects, and what better place to do so than in Colorado! This state offers a variety of geological and biological treasures in it's mountains and plains. Please join us on five local hikes to learn how detectives in natural history go about deciphering some of our "backyard mysteries." Like Sherlock Holmes, we can ask how, what, where, and why, even if these questions can never be fully answered. There is, as in life itself, always more to learn. Are you up to the challenge? Format: BOOK.