Studies in Geology 65

Application of Structural Methods to Rocky Mountain Hydrocarbon Exploration and Development

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Editors: Constance N. Knight, Jerome J. Cuzella, Leland D. Cress

About: With increasing industry emphasis on developing unconventional tight reservoirs and on enhancing recovery from existing fields, geologists are facing diverse challenges in the applications of structural geology. Identifying fracture characteristics within petroleum systems is essential. Understanding the timing of tectonics and the formation of structures in important, as these factors strongly influence hydrocarbon generation, migration, entrapment, and preservation. The purpose in publishing this collection of key papers I the aid future works in addressing complex interrelationships, between structural geology and hydrocarbon exploration and development.

The first four chapters of this book focus on structural concepts and techniques. The second part of this book is a collection of Rocky Mountain fault and fracture studies. These well-documented studies are valuable reference materials for all petroleum geologists.