GeoFamilies - How I Learned to Love the Rocks (DVD)

Category: Tangible PublicationsGeoFamilies - How I Learned to Love the Rocks (DVD)

Published: 2007

About: Geology is an often underappreciated scientific field, yet it lays at the foundation of our modern society. Natural Gas, Oil, Water, Metals, Plastics; everything that we depend on for our survival and development comes from the Earth, and the people who locate these resources are Geologists. Their quest takes them around the world as man-made borders give way to the natural borders of the rocks, and they use ever improving technology to peer deeper into the subsurface. This film brings together stories from seven families of geologists to characterize the excitement and challenge that draws people into the field. From a mutually shared love of the outdoors to a diverse array of experiences and struggles, see how these modern day explorers learned to love the rocks. Featured Families: Weimers, Sonnenbergs, Meckels, Pomeroys, Stewarts, Pritchets and Richters. Running Length 63 minutes Appropriate for all ages.


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