Tectonic GIS Data from the Geological Atlas of the Rocky Mountain Region

Category: Digital PublicationsTectonic GIS Data from the Geological Atlas of the Rocky Mountain Region

Published: 2014

About: The Rocky Mountain Association of Geologists (RMAG) is publishing portions of the 1972 Geologic Atlas of the Rocky Mountain Region (RMAG Atlas) as a geospatial map and data package. Selected tectonic framework, faults, folds, Precambrian contours relative to sea level, and Cenozoic and Cretaceous igneous intrusions were digitized from georeferenced tiff (Geo TIFF) images of map figures in the RMAG Atlas.

Available Shapefiles and file-georeferenced features

  •  37 (major tectonic units)
  •  38 (anticlines and faults)
  •  39 (major fold axes and faults)
  •  46 (selected tectonic elements from Bouguer gravity data)
  •  53 (configuration of Precambrian rock surface)
  • 54 (age of major Precambrian rock surface) 
  • 230 (Upper Cretaceous to middle Cenozoic igneous rocks)
  • 321 (Upper Cenozoic igneous rocks)
  • 306 (intrusive rocks)


The GIS data are presented in an ArcMap project (.mxd), layer files (.lyr), and as an ArcGIS published map file (.pmf). In addition to the vector data, the Geo TIFF raster images, as well as the PDF chapters that comprise these map figures within the RMAG Atlas, are included (Mallory, 1972; RMAG, 2006). For additional geologic context, the geologic-units base layer from the Geologic Map of the North America (Reed, Wheeler, and Tucholke, 2005; Garrity and Soller, 2009), magnetic anomaly (Bankey et al., 2002), and gravity anomaly (Phillips et al., 1993) maps, as well as a generalized USGS North American color shaded-relief raster are incorporated in the ArcGIS map and data package.

The primary purpose of this publication is to provide regional- and local-scale geospatial data of the Rocky Mountain Region for use in geoscience studies. The .mxd and .pmf files contain location and symbology information for geologic data layers and allow analysis of the tectonic framework for map-based tasks. An important aspect of this interactive map product is that it does not require extensive GIS experience or highly specialized equipment.  

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