Paleozoic & Mesozoic GIS Data from the Geologic Atlas of the Rocky Mountain Region: Volume 1

Category: Digital Publications Paleozoic & Mesozoic GIS Data from the Geologic Atlas of the Rocky Mountain Region: Volume 1

Published: 2017

Editors: Aimee E. Graeber (Compilation Editor), Gregory L. Gunther (Compilation Editor Supervisor)

About: The Rocky Mountain Association of Geologists (RMAG) is, once again, publishing portions of the 1972 Geologic Atlas of the Rocky Mountain Region (Mallory, ed., 1972) as a geospatial map and data package. Georeferenced tiff (Geo TIFF) images of map figures from this atlas have served as the basis for these data products. Shapefiles and file geodatabase features have been generated and cartographically represented for select pages from the following chapters:

• Phanerozoic Rocks (page 56)
• Cambrian System (page 63)
• Ordovician System (pages 78 and 79)
• Silurian System (pages 87 - 89)
• Devonian System (pages 93, 94, and 96 - 98)
• Mississippian System (pages 102 and 103)
• Pennsylvanian System (pages 114 and 115)
• Permian System (pages 146 and 149 - 154)
• Triassic System (pages 168 and 169)
• Jurassic System (pages 179 and 180)
• Cretaceous System (pages 197 - 201, 207 - 210, 215, - 218, 221, 222, 224, 225, and 227).

The primary purpose of this publication is to provide regional-scale, as well as local-scale, geospatial data of the Rocky Mountain Region for use in geoscience studies. An important aspect of this interactive map product is that it does not require extensive GIS experience or highly specialized software.

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