Gas Shale in the Rocky Mountains and Beyond - Guidebook

Category: Digital PublicationsGas Shale in the Rocky Mountains and Beyond - Guidebook

Published: 2008

Editors: David G. Hill, Paul G. Lillis, John B. Curtis

About: This guidebook includes papers on various aspects of resource evaluation, exploration, petrophysics, reservoir potential, well deliverability and drilling and completion technology. As new shale plays are explored for and developed, it is important to learn from analogs and case histories, including those from outside the Rocky Mountain region. While the emphasis is on natural gas, we realize there is also value in learning from our experiences from shales and other fine-grained source rocks that have produced oil from Rocky Mountain basins.

  • Update on North America Shale-Gas Exploration and Development David G. Hill, John B. Curtis, and Paul G. Lillis
  • Stratigraphic Relationships and Distribution of Source Rocks in the Greater Rocky Mountain Region (Reprint) Fred F. Meissner, Jane Woodward, and J.L. Clayton
  • Origin, Conditions, and Timing of Gas Generation in the Lewis Shale, San Juan Basin, New Mexico Neil S. Fishman, Thomas M. Parris, Donald L. Hall, Paul G. Lillis, and Mark J. Pawlewicz
  • Potential Shale Gas Resources of Utah Steven C. Schamel
  • Hydrogeochemical Indicators for Microbial Methane in Fractured Organic-Rich Shales: Case Studies of the Antrim, New Albany, and Ohio Shales Jennifer C. McIntosh and Anna M. Martini
  • Shallow Biogenic Gas in Cretaceous Shales on the Eastern Margin of the Williston Basin George W. Shurr
  •  Evaluating Barnett Shale Production Performance Using an Integrated Approach (Reprint) J.H. Frantz Jr., J.R. Williamson, W.K. Sawyer, D. Johnston, G. Waters, L.P. Moore, R.J. MacDonald, M. Pearcy, S.V. Ganpule, and K.S. March
  • Understanding Coring Operations for Shale Gas Exploration M. Anna Ilhan 
  • United States Shale Gas Resource Maps (Black and White Background Versions) David Hill and P.J. Hasselbach
  • Bibliography: Selected References for Gas Shales Ann Priestman


  • Gas Shale in the Rocky Mountains and Beyond: 2008 Guidebook 
  • Gas Shale Index.pdx

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