Publications Committee

The Publications Committee is the heart of all RMAG publications, including The Outcrop, The Mountain Geologist, and all technical publications. Committee members often author, or co-author such publications as guidebooks, compilations, and other relevant special publications to be sold by RMAG.

The committee members actively pursue writers for articles for The Outcrop, RMAG’s monthly publication, and The Mountain Geologist, RMAG’s peer-reviewed quarterly journal. This committee always welcomes new members. It is preferred for committee members to have experience writing and publishing technical geoscience material. Those interest in joining the Publications Committee without experience would need to be interviewed by the committee chair.

The Publications Committee is an essential component of RMAG. If you are interested in joining, or just have questions please contact Steve Sturm at, [email protected]   There is also a committee application link below for your convenience.

For 2018 only, the outgoing 2017 First Vice President, Steve Sturm will chair the Publications Committee. In 2019 and beyond the sitting First Vice Presidents will be chair, changing annually. 


Committee Application