2009 The Paradox Basin Revisited: New Developments in Petroleum Systems and Basin Analysis

Published 2009

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Editors: W.S. Houstong, L.L. Wray, and P.G. Moreland 

 About: This special publication on the Paradox Basin contains a diversity of papers that describe recent activities and scientific endeavors affected by one or more of the following conditions:

1) Higher commodity prices leading to the transformation of risky projects into newly economic ones

2) New and/or improved technologies related to drilling, completions, and seismic programs; logging and geochemical acquisition and interpretation; integrated mapping, cross section and database programs; and more sophisticated reservoir analyses

3) New play concepts that have been proposed and tested to various extents (salt flank plays,shale gas exploration, identification of gas-bearing arkosic sandstones and siltstones through petrophysical log and core analyses and the utilization of proper drilling and completion fluids and techniques)

4) Reinterpretation of structural and stratigraphic trends opening up new prospects (undiscovered algal mounds, fault traps, salt flank traps, unconformity plays, and tight gas sand accumulations)

This collection of articles is grouped into the following categories:

• Basin overviews with analyses

• Tectonics and structural geology

• Paleogeography and paleoclimate

• Depositional systems

• Field studies

• Shale Gas and geochemistry

• Road logs

• Comprehensive bibliography