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Selection of guidebooks, field studies and textbooks

Published Friday, July 24, 2020

The following is from retired geologist Robert Stolzle:

I have the following guidebooks, text books and field studies, all in very good condition, for sale to the highest bidder; select one or take them all.  Please anticipate adding “book rate” postage which is about $1.00 per pound.  E-mail me with your offer and I will let you know the outcome and plan ship your invaluable information within a couple of days.  My e-mail address is

Thanks for your interest,

Robert Stolzle


  • "Wyoming Oil and Gas Fields” Published in 1957 by the Wyoming Geological Association in one ring binder
  • “Oil and Gas Fields of the Four Corners Area” Vols. I, II, III Published in 1978 by the Four Corners Geological Society in 3 ring binders
  • “Montana Oil and Gas Fields Symposium” Vol. I Published in 1958 by the Billings Geological Society in one ring binder
  • “Montana Oil and Gas Fields Symposium”  Vols. I and II Published in 1985 by the Montana Geological Society in 2 ring binders
  • "RMAG Oil and Gas Fields Colorado - Nebraska” Published by the RMAG in 1961 in one ring binder
  • "Oil and Gas Fields of Colorado, Nebraska and Adjacent Areas” Vols. I and II Published in 1982 by the RMAG in 2 ring binders
  • "Morrow Sandstones of Southeast Colorado and Adjacent Areas” Published in 1990 by the RMAG in one bound volume
  • “Rocky Mountain Formation Water Resistivities” Published in 1964 by the Denver Well Logging Society in one ring binder
  • “Radioactive Mineral Occurrences of Colorado” Published as Bulletin 40 in 1970 by the Colorado Geological Survey

The following bound guidebooks were published by the Wyoming Geological Association:

  • “Southwest Wind River Basin” 1957
  • “Power River Basin” 1958
  • “Greater Green River Basin Symposium” 1973
  • "Bighorn Basin” 1975 (have 2 copies)
  • “Powder River Basin” 1976

The following copies of three different thesis are in one ring binder:

“Tectonic Influence on Sedimentation, Lower Cretaceous Strata, Osage - Newcastle Area, Powder River Basin, Wyoming” 1981 by James J. Emme; “Stratigraphic Relationships of Lower Permian Rocks, Johnson County, Wyoming” 1980-81 by James C. Donaldson; “Stratigraphy of the Frontier Formation, Emigrant Gap Anticline, Natrona County, Wyoming” 1975-76 by E. Thomas Cavanaugh


  • “Geology of Petroleum” by Emmons published by McGraw Hill in 1931
  • “Geology of Petroleum" by Levorsen published by Freeman in 1954
  • “Subsurface Geology, Petroleum, Mining, Construction” by LeRoy and LeRoy, 5th Ed. published by Colorado School of Mines in 1987
  • “Problems of Petroleum Geology” published by AAPG in 1934
  • “Structure of Typical American Oil Fields: Vol. I 1927, Vol. II 1929, Vol. III 1948 published by AAPG (the AAPG pubs. are former library books and complete but not in great condition- no pages are falling out)