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Volume 56, issue 2 has been published!

Published Thursday, June 27, 2019

The most recent issue of the Mountain Geologist is now available on the RMAG website! Members can download it here. Remember that you'll need to login to access it. If you're a member and haven't yet set up a password on our new website, please contact the RMAG office ( or 800-970-7624).

Table of contents for the May Mountain Geologist:

Distribution of mineral phases in the Eocene Green River Formation, Piceance Basin, Colorado—Implications for the evolution of Lake Uinta
Justin E. Birdwell, Ronald C. Johnson, Michael E. Brownfield

Connections between Eocene Lakes Uinta and Gosiute with emphasis on the infilling stage of Lake Uinta in Piceance Basin 
Ronald C. Johnson, Justin E. Birdwell, Michael E. Brownfield, Tracey J. Mercier, Paula L. Hansley

Reservoir Characterization of the Pennsylvanian (Desmoinesian) Lower Bartlesville Sandstone in Big Sandy and Clinesmith Fields, Southeast Kansas
James P. Rogers, Mark W. Longman

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