RMAG-DWLS Fall Symposium

Date: October 27, 2020
Time: 8:30 am - 4:30 pm
Online via RingCentral Meetings

The Rocky Mountain Association of Geologists and the Denver Well Logging Society present the

2020 Fall Symposium

Maximizing Value of Core and Fluid Analysis

This year's symposium will be all virtual! Join us for a day of talks from the comfort of your home or workplace. Registration includes 9 talks and a digital pdf of slides & extended abstracts.


  • $75 - RMAG and DWLS members
  • $110 - Non-members
  • $40 - Students (must be a member of either RMAG or DWLS)

Registration details:

  • DWLS members: To register, please download this registration form and email it to the RMAG office. Please contact the RMAG office with any questions.
  • Students: If you are a student member of RMAG, you can login and register at the student price. If you are student member of DWLS, please follow the instructions for DWLS members above.

Speaker Line-up:




Stephanie Perry (GeoMark) To Crush or Not to Crush That is the Question: Insights into Tight Unconventional Laboratory Trials Comparing Intact versus Crushed Rock Preparation, Measurements and Result  Download
Catherine Donohue (GeoMark) Comparing Light End Hydrocarbon Extraction Techniques  Download
Chad Hartman (Stratum) Utilizing Pressurized Rotary Sidewall Cores for the Determination of Pore Fluid: Total Material Balance and Characterization of Bulk Fluid Hydrocarbons  Download
Harry Xie (Core Labs) The Role of Organic Matter in Characterizing Unconventional Tight Rocks Using Laboratory NMR  Download
Gama Firdaus (Colorado School of Mines) Single Core Anisotropy Measurement in Organic-rich Mudrocks  Download
Mick Domenick (Slick Oil Limited) Codell and Frontier Sandstones in the Northern DJB and Southern PRB: A Simplified Fluid/Rock Model from Core Data  Download
Butch Butler (Raven Consulting, Inc.) The Bottineau County Spearfish Play–Mining Information from an Area Rich in Legacy Core Data  Download
Sheng Peng (BEG UT) Gas-Water Relative Permeability and Implications for Optimal Production Strategies in Unconventional Reservoirs  Download
Mark Tobey (Ovintiv) A Simple Geochemical Workflow to Estimate Produced Fluid API Gravity and GOR from Rock Data  Download

 Download speaker line-up


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