Hydrocarbon Systems and Production in the Uinta Basin, Utah

Published 2008

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Editors: Mark W. Longman and Craig D. Morgan







  • Book Cliffs: Historical
  • Curtis, Summerville and Stump Formations
  • Outcrop-to-Subsurface Cedar Mountain and Dakota
  • Fluvial Channel Architecture, Cedar Mountain & Dakota 
  • Neslen and Lower Farrer Formations 
  • Green River Formation, Nine Mile Canyon 
  • Chemostratigraphy Green River Formation, Nine Mile 
  • Green River Formation Petrophysics
  • Entrada Sandstone at Flat Rock Field 
  • Dakota Formation, San Arroyo Field 
  • Outcrop Analogues for Greater Natural Buttes
  • Case Study of the Love Area
  • Wasatch Formation in the Hanging Rock Area
  • Brundage Canyon Oil Field
  • Greater Monument Butte Oil Field
  • Soldier Creek Coalbed Methane Project
  • The Sego Coalfield 
  • Gilsonite Resources
  • Polymetallic Mineralization
  • Field Trip Guidebook