RMAG Geohike Challenge Aug. 15 - Oct. 15

Date: August 15 - October 15, 2020
Anywhere in the World
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Geohike Challenge $20.00
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Join us for the RMAG Geohike Challenge 2020!


The RMAG Geohike Challenge 2020 is designed for everyone and anyone to get outdoors and enjoy life in beautiful Colorado or wherever you live! This is a GEOLOGIC SCAVENGER HUNT and a PHOTO CONTEST with many categories to become a winner. 


Whether you live in Colorado, Houston, the Appalachians or another part of the country this RMAG special event is designed to get us outside to have fun, relax and create a sense of connection with others and share your experience virtually through LinkedIn while also building your professional network.

We are operating this event through the Rocky Mountain Association of Geologists (RMAG) LinkedIn Page - Event Platform. It's also a great way to build your network with other geoscience professionals. (FYI, you need to connect to an admin of the group to be able to share your finds on the page.) If you prefer not to use LinkedIn you can email your finds to staff@rmag.org 

How to Play                                                                                                                                                    View Larger

A. Register for this event and select your t-shirt size. Your t-shirt will come to you in the mail. 
(It's worth the shirt alone.) You must be registered to win!

B. Connect to RMAG LinkedIn Page.

C. Get outside and wear your t-shirt if possible - TWO WAYS TO WIN!

  1. SCAVENGER HUNT - Win by being the first to find and post ALL ITEMS listed in the geologic “Scavenger Hunt” to the RMAG LinkedIn Page (or email your photos of all items to staff@rmag.org ) with the hashtag #rmaggeohikechallenge. Rock Collections Do Not Count😊. Please keep track and alert us when you have found them all (one photo per numbered Scavenger Hunt category ) so we can audit your finds and crown you the winner. Please include a short description and location for audit purposes. 

  2. PHOTO CONTEST - smaller prizes are awarded for posting photos in the PHOTO CONTEST categories below under “Photo Contest”. Individual prizes for each item - 7 winners possible. When entering, be sure to note the category you are submitting each photo under, and include any other information that will help us pick a winner (screenshot of GPS track for Longest Hike, for example).  Your Photo Contest entries must include rocks in the photos and will be judged on content, geology, and artistic composition.

DWait for your prize to come in the mail!

DOWNLOAD CONTEST ITEMS AND DETAILS HERE - and bring this list with you!

Just a few examples of prizes are:  Gift cards for REI, Trader Joe's, & Target just to name a few. But the ultimate prize is getting outdoors, having fun and being virtually connected with your friends and collegues in a fun event that we will post on social media.

If you don't find any items still post your photos of yourself outdoors and/or your family, dogs, and Covid safe friends as you take on the Challenge. If you end up giving up and having drinks in the back yard we want to see that too but at least wear your shirt!

You must be registered for the event to win a prize. If you are experiencing financial difficulty and would still like to play, please reach out to staff@rmag.org.

Good luck and enjoy the journey!



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