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Selected Rocky Mountain Tight Oil Sandstone Plays: Symposium and Core Workshop

  Rich Bottjer, Coal Creek Resources; Gus Gustason, Enerplus; Kevin Smith, Garnet Ridge Resources

  October 26, 2017

  8:30am-4:00pm with lunch provided

Check in starts at 8:00am.

  USGS Core Research Center, Building 810, Lakewood, CO

  Member Price - $175

Non-Member Price - $200

Student/Unemployed Price - $75 (SOLD OUT at this price point)

Registration is limited and on a first-come, first-serve basis at this price. To register as a student, download the registration form at the bottom of this page and turn it in along with a copy of your student id. 

 Attendees should bring a hand lens and wear clothing appropriate for viewing core.

Formations that will be covered: Codell Sandstone, DJ Basin; Sussex Sandstone, Turner & Frontier Sandstones, Parkman Sandstone, Powder River Basin. 

This workshop will discuss current tight oil sandstone plays in Cretaceous reservoirs in the Powder River and D-J Basins, Wyoming and Colorado, focusing on the Wall Creek-Turner, Codell, Sussex, and Parkman sandstones.    Tight oil sandstone plays have developed where uneconomic vertical producers were drilled in the past and/or between existing vertical oil fields where higher-permeability facies are present.  In contrast to “conventional” vertical production from sandstones in the same interval, these tight oil reservoirs are areally extensive and generally contain a high percentage of burrowed or bioturbated lithofacies.  Petrophysical evaluations of these tight oil sandstone plays are challenging due to relatively high clay content, thinly interbedded sandstones and mudstones, and/or complex pore networks.  These sandstones are characterized by moderate porosities, ranging up to 18%, but low permeabilities, ranging from .001 to .1 millidarcies.  Oil and gas resources are recoverable due to the development of multi-stage fracture stimulations in horizontally drilled wells.  The reservoir characteristics of each play will be demonstrated with approximately 2000 feet of core and core analyses from more than 30 wells and participants will have an opportunity to compare and contrast the different plays. 
This workshop and symposium will essentially be a re-presentation of a short course offered at the AAPG-ACE convention held in Denver in June, 2015.  The format will be modified slightly but many of the cores shown will be the same.  
Registration closes October 23, 2017.

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