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The Rocky Mountain Association of Geologists is a nonprofit organization whose purposes are to promote interest in geology and allied sciences and their practical application, to foster scientific research and to encourage fellowship and cooperation among its members.

The Rocky Mountain Association of Geologists is one of the largest associations of geologists in the United States. The RMAG is composed of earth scientists from industry, government, and academia encompassing a wide spectrum of backgrounds. All share a common interest in the geology of our Rocky Mountain area. Founded in 1922, the RMAG is one of the most active AAPG affiliates in the country. Continue reading here. 

Hydrocarbon Source Rocks

Hydrocarbon Source Rocks in Unconventional Plays, Rocky Mountain Region is now available as a digital download! Purchase your copy today and read about 'Source Rock Characterization of the Green River Oil Shale, Piceance Creek Basin, Colorado', 'Overpressure development through time using 4D pressure-volume-temperature modeling in the deep Anadarko Basin, Colorado, Kansas, Oklahoma, and Texas', and much more.  

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