Meetings & Continuing Education Events

The RMAG holds monthly luncheon meetings, typically on the first Wednesday of each month, featuring technical presentations on various aspects of the geosciences. Special emphasis is on hydrocarbons and energy-related minerals in the western U.S.

Please click HERE to go to the RMAG Upcoming Monthly Luncheon Speaker page. 

The RMAG offers 1- and 2-day short courses on geological, engineering, and computer-application topics. Regular events include the 3-D Symposium, winter and fall short courses, as well as joint meetings with AAPG, COGA, and DGS. Field seminars are led periodically to specific areas in the Rocky Mountain Region. We also occasionally hold special core workshops often in conjunction with field seminars, special publications, or events.

These events are great opportunities for our members to further their professional development and education as well as network. Members receive special discounted pricing as well as regular communications notifying them of the events so that they can be sure to sign up before it is full! The member savings on these events can easily save you the cost of membership and more.

Upcoming 2015 Event Dates:

2/4/2015 RMAG Monthly Luncheon

2/5/2015 DGS & RMAG 3D Symposium

3/4/2015 RMAG Monthly Luncheon

3/6/2015 RMAG/DPS Geoland Ski Day

4/1/2015 RMAG Monthly Luncheon

4/16/2015 RMAG Short Course - Seismic Interpretation for Geoscientsists; Instructor: Bruce Trudgill

5/6/2015 RMAG Monthly Luncheon

5/31/2015-6/2/2015 AAPG ACE in Denver

6/2/2015 ACE Night at the Zoo

6/10/2015 RMAG Monthly Luncheon

6/17/2015 RMAG Golf Tournament at Arrowhead Golf Club

7/1/2015 RMAG Monthly Luncheon

8/5/2015  RMAG Monthly Luncheon

9/2/2015 RMAG Monthly Luncheon

9/17/2015 Sporting Clay Tournament at Kiowa Creek Sporting Club

10/7/2015 RMAG Monthly Luncheon

10/8/2015 RMAG Fall Symposium: Hot Plays

11/4/2015 RMAG Monthly Luncheon

12/2/2015 RMAG Monthly Luncheon