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  Never before taught in Denver.

 Sequence Stratigraphic Correlation in  Well-logs – a Hands-on Training Workshop


   Dr. Junaid Sadeque 

  November 15-16, 2017

  8:30am-4:00pm with lunch provided

Check in starts at 8:00am.

  Liberty Oilfield Services (950 17th St, Denver, CO 80202)

  Member Price - $300

Non-Member Price - $350

Student/Unemployed Price - $150 (Sold Out)

 Attendees should bring colored pencils.

Registration closes November 10, 2017.

Since the 1970s, sequence stratigraphy has arguably revolutionized stratigraphic analyses in the oil and gas industry because of its power to predict flow-units in petroleum reservoirs. The same sequence stratigraphic principles are also presently applied to predicting flow-units in groundwater aquifers. However, even after about 50 years since the founding of the concept, many of us are still lost in the labyrinth of terminology and struggle when it comes to applying the concepts into practice. This is particularly true in case of sparse dataset from well-logs and cores, rather than full 3-D seismic data coverage.
Our 2-day hands-on workshop aims at addressing that skill-gap in inferring sequence stratigraphic markers and systems tracts for clastic rocks in absence of seismic information. This goal will be achieved through a series of interesting correlation exercises following a brief recap of the fundamental concepts. The curriculum is focused to benefit both new hires and experienced professionals by providing real correlation examples from the industry with particular emphasis on understanding facies architecture in well-logs and cores for recognizing different depositional sequences. At the end of the course, the students will learn how to avoid common correlation pitfalls in developing a sequence stratigraphic framework and how to make valid stratigraphic predictions for petroleum exploration or groundwater remediation.


About the Speaker

Dr. Junaid Sadeque is a recognized Subject Matter Expert in sequence stratigraphy and sedimentology. He brings over 10 years of experience from the Oil & Gas industry as Chevron’s clastic stratigrapher, and also as an independent consultant.  Dr. Sadeque has performed sequence stratigraphic analyses of numerous domestic and international basins including the Powder River, San Joaquin Valley, Viking Graben, West African shelf and Surma in Bangladesh. Apart from technical skills, he has a considerable experience in teaching, training and mentoring both new and experienced professionals in G &G. Applied Ichnology, Applied Stratigraphic Concepts, Shallow Marine Clastic Sequence Stratigraphy and the Arkansas Field School are some of the significant courses he has taught over the years.  Presently, he is a senior geologist at AECOM, applying sequence sratigraphic concepts for predicting flow-units in groundwater aquifers and developing contamination remedial strategies.

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