RMAG DWLS Fall Symposium

Symposium & Core Workshop

 Geology and Petrophysics of Unconventional Mudrocks, 2017



September 27-28, 2017

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About the Event

  September 27-28, 2017

 Day 1 (September 27): American Mountaineering Center (710 10th St, Golden, CO 80401)

Day 2 (September 28): USGS Core Research Center, Building 810 (Denver Federal Center, Lakewood, CO)

  Symposium Registration (Day 1 Only)

RMAG Member - $150
Non-Member - $175
Student - $50 (Availability is limited at this rate and will be on a first come, first serve basis.)

Symposium & Core Workshop Registration (Day 1 and Day 2)*

RMAG Member - $300
Non-Member - $300
Student - $100 (Availability is limited at this rate and will be on a first come, first serve basis.)


*Registrations for Core Workshop Only will only be available in the event the dual event registrations don’t sell out. 
  The last day to register is Wednesday, September 20th.
The Rocky Mountain Association of Geologists and the Denver Well Logging Society are teaming up to present "Geology and Petrophysics of Unconventional Mudrocks, 2017", September 27-28, 2017. This first-time combination of the two societies will combine the two Fall Technical Symposia on the first day at the American Mountaineering Center in Golden and RMAG’s ‘Hot Plays’ Core Workshop at the USGS in Lakewood on day 2.

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Fall Symposium Lineup

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Note: Symposium presenter is highlighted.

Authors Title Topic
Rebecca Johnson, Mark Longman, and Brian Ruskin, QEP Resources, Inc. Petrographic and Petrophysical Characteristics of the Upper Devonian Three Forks Formation, Southern Nesson Anticline, North Dakota Bakken
Michael Nieto, Harry Rowe, Austin Morrell, Nathan Ganser, Pukar Mainali, Premier Oilfield Laboratories Inorganic Geochemical Record and Relationship to Rock Strength Properties of the Devonian-Mississippian Middle Bakken Formation, Williston Basin, North Dakota, USA Bakken geochem
Kosanke, T.*, Perry, S. E.**, Lopez, R.** ,*ALS Oil and Gas,  **Anadarko Petroleum Corp.  High-resolution Hyperspectral Imaging Technology: Implications for Thin-Bedded Reservoir Characterization Imaging

Mark H. Tobey*,  Catherine E. Campbell**, Kyle Gorynski*, Tom M. Smagala*, Dean Royer*, Anita Thapalia*,  *Encana Oil and Gas Inc., **Robert L. Bayless, Producer

A Simplistic Workflow to Estimate How Much of OOIP is Producible

Methodology org geochem
Kit Clemons*, Jesse Havens**, *Lario Permian, LLC, **Fracture ID High frequency depositional variability in interbedded carbonates and shales affects mechanical heterogeneity: implications for resource exploitation in the Woflcamp Formation, West Texas, USA. Permian
Katie Joe McDonough*, Stephen Gardner**, Robert Lieber***, Ray Vogler****,*KJM Consulting, **Lago Petroleum Consulting, ***Corsair Petrophysics, ****NEOS Mapping Wolfberry Lithofacies and Geomechanics in 3D: Petrophysics and Stratigraphy Constrain Interpretation of Prestack Inversion, Midland Basin Permian
William R. Drake*, Mark W. Longman*, Jaime Kostelnik**, *QEP Resources, Inc., **Weatherford  Labs The Role of Silica Nanospheres in Porosity Preservation in the Upper Devonian Woodford Shale on the Central Basin Platform, West Texas Permian Imaging
Rebekah SimonCU Boulder, David A. Budd, CU Boulder Diagenetic controls on the spatial variability of carbonate pore systems within an unconventional chalk-marl reservoir — Testing paradigms of chalk diagenesis in the Cretaceous Niobrara Formation, Denver Julesburg Basin Niobrara
Alan P. Byrnes, Shawn Zhang, Lyn Canter, Mark D. Sonnenfeld, Whiting Oil & Gas Corp.  Two-phase and three-phase relative permeability of unconventional Niobrara chalk using integrated core and 3D image rock physics Niobrara
Ceri Davies*, Simon Purvis*, Ron Kenny**, Jim Fenton*, Vishnu Pandey* and Rick Trevino*, *CGG GeoConsulting**formerly CGG, now at EOG Resources Using palynology and petrophysics to delineate the Muddy to Niobrara interval of the Powder River Basin Methodology

Hot Plays Core Workshop Lineup

Presenter Title/Core Area

Mike Bingle-Davis, Kirkwood Oil and Gas, Casper, Wyoming

Complexities of the Cane Creek Member of the Paradox Formation – Analysis of Core from the Cane Creek and Three Mile Units, Utah
Steve Sonnenberg, Colorado School of Mines Codell-Regional
Richard Bottjer, Coal Creek Resources, Inc., Ted Doughty, PRISEM Geoscience Consulting Stratigraphic Control of Reservoir Development, Heath Formation, Central Montana
Jeff May, Rob Sterling, Alexa Socianu, Zachary Grant Hollon Mowry Comparison
Adam Jackson and Matthew Davis, Encana Wolfcamp


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